A-jin Design “아진”is a world-class, high-end architecture and interior design firm that was established in 2016

We are the superiors in innovation: combining highly performance industry experience with unparalleled creativity to create exclusive design solutions.

- 2016


About us

Design & Construction

A-jin ensures quality standards are met at every project stage,from conceptualization to drawing up of initial plans and the receiving of raw materials to the production process, packing, logistics, final installation, and aftersales service.


A-jin’s Architecture Division develops a highly creative process by applying intelligence and experience to the design. The lead Architects are capable of providing design programs, conceptualization, space planning schematic design, interior designs, Design development and modification, installation supervision, and site inspections. Our team works to ensure timely communication with the client, suppliers, contractor and installers on project status, delivery and installation guidelines.


As a fully integrated design practice, we offer high performance engineering division as build partners of our Architecture and Design team. Their key function is to ensure the design is safe and the function meets all the building standards. Whether, addressing safety, mobilization, structural requirements, electrical specifications, mechanical and plumbing systems and other operational performances, our engineers execute all necessary services that will surely exceed our clients’ expectation.


A-jin has established its own private furniture factory to ensure productivity, time management, and efficiency. Our factory guarantees that all furniture designs were optimised to improve quality performance without compromising its aesthetics. We collaborate with global designers to create a masterpiece, starting from the selection of raw materials to the installation of furnitures, lightings and finishes. Most of our equipments and materials were imported from Korea, ensuring that the highest quality standards are met


Having everything in one place saves time and money. As more complex projects have been developed all this time by our company, we have integrated other activities that have become strategic business units such as logistics and storage. Material storage capacity has been expanded and logistics management has also been integrated as an independent service that allows the flow of project uninterrupted and provides high quality materials.



We explore every facet of the project to solve our clients’ needs in a unique, professional and inspired way. Through our passion for reviving and creating designs in our country, A-jin have gained national and global exposure and opportunities across the Asia.